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Student Wellness and Resources

Student health and wellbeing is inextricably linked to students’ academic success, retention, persistence to graduation, and personal success. In fact, during the 2020-21 school year, Student Health and Wellness reached 80% of the Iowa State student body. Now more than ever, this work is critical in order to move towards a culture that supports the holistic wellbeing of everyone at Iowa State University. 

“I really appreciate the time and dedication of the Student Health and Wellness team. My life has improved thanks to this experience, and I can’t say thanks enough for that.” - Iowa State Student

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ISU Food Pantry Support Fund Match
A group of Iowa State University Foundation staff will match gifts to ISU Food Pantry Support Fund to support SHOP (the on-campus food pantry) up to $1,650!
$1,650 MATCHED
ISU Food Pantry Support Fund Student Challenge
The Iowa State University Foundation Board of Directors will give $5,000 to the ISU Food Pantry Support Fund if 30 current Iowa State University students make a gift to the fund!
30 / 30 Donors
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