Ready to make a gift? Donate now and your gift will be counted on Forever True Day!
Announcing Forever True Day 2024!

Join the Cyclone community on April 3 - 4 for 24 Hours of Cyclone Power during Forever True Day, Iowa State University’s 24-hour online giving event!

Forever True Day is Iowa State’s newest tradition in philanthropy, encouraging Cyclones around the world to come together to support the places and programs we love most at Iowa State University. Forever True Day kicks off at noon CDT on Wednesday, April 3, and you’ll have 24 hours to show the collective power of Iowa State supporters everywhere when you make a gift to the areas that matter most to you.

Fill your social media with Cyclone Power on #ForeverTrueDay! Participate in the online fun and share your passion for the cardinal and gold. Challenges, matches, and special prizes will be announced throughout the event, so check back often.

Get exCYted for 24 hours of Cyclone Power and celebrate with us on Forever True Day!

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